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Our clients

Some of the brands we have worked with

Azteka Motor Co.


Berlin Resort



Arvest Bank


Amish Door Village


Sony Pictures


Fairlawn Church

Our Services

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Design and Branding

Jingles & Audio Production

Email/Text Marketing


Social Media

Marketing Consulting

Video Production

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Our Services

Get max ROI


What our customers say

"We are so pleased with the professional service and the quality product Creative 4 Marketing provided to us. They worked with us to deliver what we wanted. They were responsive to all our needs. They worked hard to find just the right fit for our needs. We would highly recommend their services to anyone!"

Angie Yoder

Director of Operations, Harvest Thrift Store

"An amazing company that provides top quality work. They have a knack for creativity which allowed us to have a script true to our values, product, and goals. The end product was more beautiful than we could ever have hoped for! Our whole company has been going crazy with excitement to see our customers experience a true to form glimpse into our product and business as a whole."

Jenny Richardson

Marketing Manager, Amish Crafted Furniture

"Building our website was actually fun and not stressful at all! I will refer any and all friends and family to only use them!"

Amy Rodebush

Owner, BKR Dozer

"Very innovative and creative team. Always encouraging. They work hard at producing the best possible product!"

Loretta Smail

TV/Recording Arist

Our Process

Getting a marketing plan is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Plan thoroughly

Young business team working

We see what your goals are and collaborate to find the best strategy. Click FREE QUOTE to setup appointment today. 

Implement Quickly

Enterprising lady offering idea of graphic design

We get the job done quickly and professionally with frameworks that work.

Frequent Evaluation

Team working on a plan

We regularly evaluate the success of each campaign and make necessary changes.

About Us

Want to stop losing customers?

You can’t afford to keep paying for cheap. If you really want maximum ROI on your marketing you need to invest appropriately. How many customers are you losing because of poor marketing strategy, slow turnaround, and lackluster creative? If you want a change, you need to act now.


Yes we would love to help depending on the size and scope of project.

1. Usually the creative types get burnt out doing the same kind of projects. 

2. You have to worry about hiring/firing.

3. Usually quality suffers because of lack specialities in each area of marketing.

4. Normally you are so close to the business you would benefit from outside counsel.

If we have obtained assets in time we can normally have it done in less than 30 days.

Sure you can, but quality usually suffers. You need to ask yourself what kind of impression do you want to make with your audience.

We have specialists in shooting, lighting, audio, marketing, directing, etc.,  giving your target audience an amazing view of your company.


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